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Saturday, November 3, 2018

The ten Best Hidden Features Of iOS 12 | iOS 12 Tips and Trick 2019

Some of the best features are the smallest ones.

iOS 12 features a ton of awesome major new improvements. Among some of the best are the fun new Screen Time digital health tools, stacked notifications on the lock screen, improved privacy features in Safari, and the new Measures app that lets you measure anything with augmented reality tech.
With all that it can be hard to believe that there are even more new features many people don’t know about. These are the smaller, hidden features that make litter iterative improvements to iOS that when taken as a whole make the operating system that much better to use. Here are the top hidden features we love.

AirDrop Passwords

Ever have a friend come over to your place and they ask you for the Wi-Fi password so their iPhone can join your network? Now you don’t need to manually find the password and tell it to them. With iOS 12 you can AirDrop their device the password. Just go to Settings>Passwords & Accounts>Website & App Passwords and press on the password until a popup that appears that says “AirDrop”. Tap it, then choose your recipient and you’re done!

Do Not Disturb Location Awareness

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In iOS 12, Do Not Disturb ads another feature that makes using it even better. That features is location awareness. Simply force touch on the Do Not Disturb icon in control center and from the popup menu tap “until I leave this location.”
Do Not Disturb will stay on until you leave your current location. This is great for times you are in a meeting and want to shut off notifications for only a limited amount of time.

Face ID Now Supports 2 Faces

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Go to Settings>Face ID & Passcode and you’ll see you now have the option to set up an “alternate appearance.” This means a second face–or another version of your face (say after you shave your beard off. This feature is great for couples who use the same phone–now each of them can log in using their face.

iPad Gets iPhone X Menu Bar

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In iOS 12 you’ll notice that your iPad now has a new menu bar. Now the time and date are on the left of the screen and system stats like Wi-Fi and battery life are on the right of the screen. The middle is left blank–which may be a big clue that the next iPads could feature a Face ID TrueDepth camera system like the new iPhones.

Swipe Up To Close An App

It’s a minor tweak, but a great one nonetheless. Now when you swipe up on an app to take you to the app switcher, you no longer have to tap and hold on an app panel and then swipe up on it to force close it. Apple has eliminated the tap and hold portion of the process–so now when in the app switcher, just swipe up on an app panel to force close the app.

Podcast App Supports Customizable Skip Durations

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Previous to iOS 12 the Podcast app defined how many seconds a skip took you (it was 15). But in Podcasts in iOS 12 you can customize the skip duration to your liking. So do you want to skip forward 10 seconds? 15? 30? 45? Or 60? It’s up to you.

Trackpad Now Available On All iOS Devices

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