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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Car accident lawyer Augusta

Money can’t buy health or happiness or reverse a permanent injury suffered in a car accident. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you should just accept whatever settlement the insurance company offers. You need to make sure the compensation is equal to your needs so that you can pay your bills and maintain your quality of life after an accident. Naturally you will need professional help from a Moreno Valley CA car accident lawyer to do this. Fernando D. Vargas makes an excellent choice.

We Take All Kinds of Cases
Driver negligence is a common cause of car accidents. However, in some cases such as a hit and run or drunk driving accident, there may be additional factors at work. Fernando D. Vargas understands the complexities of all kinds of auto accident cases, and frequently serves as a Moreno Valley CA car accident lawyer on cases where responsibility for the accident is split between drivers. Some of the types of serious injuries Attorney Vargas has handled include:
 ·         Broken bones
·         Whiplash
·         Spinal cord injuries
·         Brain injuries
·         Burn injuries
·         Permanent scarring
·         Wrongful death
 A car accident lawyer in Moreno Valley CA must prove the following in order to secure a settlement for you:
1.      Who caused the accident
2.      That the accident resulted in injuries or property damage
3.      That the injuries or property damage deserve compensation
During a free consultation with expert Moreno Valley CA car accident lawyer Fernando D. Vargas, you’ll learn whether or not you have a strong case that can support proof of these three points.
Get the Compensation You Deserve
After a car accident that was not entirely your fault, you may petition for compensation to cover:
·         Immediate medical costs
·         Long-term medical costs
·         Lifelong care
·         Support and care during recovery
·         Pain and suffering
·         Lost wages
·         Reduced earning capacity
·         Lifestyle changes
·         Property damage
·         Punitive damages
With Fernando D. Vargas as your car accident lawyer in Moreno Valley CA, you can rest assured that your injuries and expenses will be properly documented and expert testimony will be secured to prove your need for compensation.
We Explore All Avenues for Compensation
Many people take whatever settlement the insurance company offers and leave it at that, but when you hire a car accident lawyer in Moreno Valley CA, you can explore other options. The following sources should also be considered:
·         Uninsured motorists
·         Employers (in case of company-owned vehicles)
·         Government agencies
·         Auto manufacturers
No Risk Representation from an Expert Moreno Valley CA Car Accident Lawyer
Aggressive representation for your car accident injury case is available with no financial risk at the Law Offices of Fernando D. Vargas. Fernando D. Vargas will cover all the costs associated with building your case, including securing expert witnesses as needed. You won’t have to pay for anything unless your Moreno Valley CA car accident lawyer secures a settlement for you.
Call 877-982-0707 now to learn more about how Fernando D. Vargas can help you.

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