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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Hello Faceinsider Bloging reader today i want to introduce some interesting fact about bloging world ,there are lots of blogger that make huge money from their bloging site , So today i have choose topic "Is blogging really make you Millionaire ?"

If you question is "Is really it possible to become Millionaire by full time Bloging ?
== Yes if your work is hard and you do full time bloging then it is possible , 
There are a lot of people who want to start blogging and have few questions in their mind as to how they will make their blog successful? Certain people have been blogging for quite a time now but have not been much success with it. Now, how can you make your blog successful? This article will tell you some tips that will help your blog be one of the successful ones, just like Frank’sblog and even get you a good deal of income from monetization sources too.
                                                 Latest Bloging Tips

For bloging first choose Hosting site like wordpress, blogger, or wix  these three website provide free bloging ,
Now Follow Bellow Topic
Trending topic                                                       (installing wordpress)
Its good to know about the topics that most people will like to read about. It can be any trending topic or an intriguing one. If we take into account the example of Frank’s blog, he likes to write about the monetization sources and helps the audience to earn money from different platforms. Now, this is a really intriguing topic, and simply everyone is looking to earn money from the online platform. Similarly, you have to come up with such topic that will create a good reader base for you.  (
When choosing a topic for your site or blog content, make sure it’s one that doesn’t have a ton of competition and also isn’t too generic at the same time. You can use a tool like SEMRush to analyze not only the traffic and ranking competition for a search phrase, but also the type of content your competition is getting to rank as well. Use such data to not only come up with better focus keywords and topics, but also to always niche down and make sure your content is specific as possible.

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Understanding the readers

This can be done by conducting polls and asking openly from the audience what they want to read about. A great option will be to post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform and ask the audience. If you get a good response on any topic, start writing on that and if possible do a video and post a video log too. That will increase the chances of gathering an audience and hence success for your blog.
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First, write for yourself

If you are looking for a long-term recognition and don’t care if you will get a good visitor base at the start, then you should start by writing about your own interest, whatever it be. Just find your interest, your passion and write about it. Focus on your interest, opinion, and thoughts. Put them into words and slowly but effectively, you will get a loyal reader- base.
At the same time, make sure you also aren’t writing for Google. It’s a much smarter search engine now than it ever was, and if you are going to stuff keywords and low-quality content within your articles, it’s just going to waste your own time and that of your audience.
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Give quality to your readers

Don’t always look for finding new readers. Cherish the ones you got and be loyal and serving to them. Spend some time to tell your readers how much you value them because they are the ones who will be really effective in growing your blog.

Build your call to action

You have to retain the interest of your visitors in your blog. Finish your posts with some call- to action. You can ask your readers to follow you on Twitter or ask them to subscribe to your blog. This will help you in increasing both the email log and Twitter followers.

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