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Friday, May 4, 2018

10 Most Haunted Hotels in America 2018

13 Most Haunted Hotels in America
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The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
You know a hotel is haunted when it was the real life inspiration for a Stephen King book. The author wrote "The Shining" after staying at The Stanley Hotel in 1974, when he stayed in Room 217. Since the 1970s, several reports of paranormal activity have been documented. The original owner of the hotel, Freelan Oscar Stanley, has been known to make appearances, as has his wife, Flora. Some guests theorize that the sound of music sometimes heard coming from the ballroom is Flora playing the piano. The two have also been seen in the Billiards Room.
The hotel doesn't deny the existence of supernatural occurrences. In fact, guests can take a Night Spirit Tour, which educates them on the history of the 100+ year-old hotel and its many ghost stories.
If you're up for playing ghost hunter for a night, the property also offers several rooms that are reportedly the most paranormally active. There's Stephen King's famous 217 suite, as well as Rooms 401, 407, 428 and 1302. As these as the most requested, be sure to book well in advance. And don't forget to bring a camera, flashlight and cell phone. You know...in case of emergency ghost sightings

Ø     The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado
Ø The Stanley Hotel
Ø Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans
Ø Bourbon Orleans Hotel
Ø Moana Surfrider, Honolulu
Ø Moana Surfrider
Ø Concord’s Colonial Inn, Concord, Massachusetts
Ø Concord's Colonial Inn
Ø Omni Parker House, Boston
Ø     Omni Parker House

Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans

Spooky kid ghosts have been seen playing at this New Orleans property.
What is now the grand Bourbon Orleans Hotel opened in 1827 as a ballroom. It was later acquired by the Sisters of the Holy Family, which used the property as a school, orphanage, convent and medical ward. At the time, there was a yellow fever epidemic that took the lives of many children. The spirits of those children, as well as those of the nuns, are now said to be haunting the hotel.
One of the most frequently repeated stories is that of a little girl rolling a ball and chasing it down the corridors of the sixth floor. Some have also reported hearing light footsteps in the hallways. Others have said they’ve seen and heard a Confederate soldier on the third and sixth floors, as well as a lonely ghost dancer and a person hiding behind the curtains in the Orleans Ballroom.
Want to find out if these spirits exist? Book a Haunted History tour at the hotel. Licensed tour guide and hotel concierge John Fitzpatrick leads guests on the spooky jaunt every Thursday from 7-7:30 p.m.

Moana Surfrider, Honolulu

Description: The ghost haunting the spectacular Moana Surfrider is on a (very) extended vacation.
You can’t really blame the deceased for haunting Honolulu — who wouldn’t want to hang out in this stunning island city for eternity?
One spirit who's stuck around is Jane Stanford, co-founder of Stanford University, who can be found at the historic Moana Surfrider. In 1905, Stanford was on vacation, staying at the Moana, when she died in her room of strychnine poisoning. But she refused to leave after death.
Both guests and staff have seen Stanford, wearing a white dressing gown, walking down hallways searching for her room. And while her death is somewhat of a mystery, the reason she chose to stay behind is quite obvious. The views of the ocean from the hotel are just that magnificent.

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Concord, Massachusetts

 Colonial Inn dates all the way back to 1716, when what is now the Liberty Room served as a hospital during the Revolutionary War. The current Room 24 was an operating room, and Room 27 was a morgue. It was in Room 24 where several soldiers died during surgery — which might explain the stories of paranormal activity reported by guests who've stayed there.
One such account came in June of 1966, when a newlywed couple, M.P. and Judith Fellenz, were booked in Room 24. Judith had written a letter, found by the innkeeper, that described her experience at the inn. Judith discussed seeing a ghost, saying she was woken up in the middle of the night by a presence in the room. She saw a grayish figure about four feet away from the left side of her bed. She then said it floated to the foot of the bed before slowing melting away.
Historic Hotels of America reports that other guests have reported seeing flickering lights, hearing whispers coming from the closet and watching doors slamming shut. Some guests have said they felt someone gently tucking them into bed.
Omni Parker House, Boston
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Description: The Omni Parker House helped inspire a Stephen King short story.
Opened by Harvey Parker in 1855, theOmni Parker House is one of the most haunted hotels in New England. Parker was heavily involved with the hotel's operations until his death in 1884. Since his passing, guests have reported seeing him. Some have even said that Parker has asked them about their stay at the hotel.
But what Omni Parker House is best known for when it comes to the supernatural is being the inspiration behind Stephen King's short story, "1408," which later became a movie starring John Cusack. That book details paranormal activity similar to what’s been reported about Room 303 at Omni Parker House, including strange shadows in the room and the bathtub water turning on randomly.
The third floor tends to be the main hub for paranormal happenings at the hotel, but a bearded gentleman has also been sighted on the ninth and 10th floors. Guests have also recounted seeing orbs of light down the hallways on the 10th floor.
If you're brave enough to stay at the hotel, keep in mind that many of the ghosts are still said to linger in the rooms and hallways. If you'd rather learn about haunted encounters without potentially experiencing them directly, you can also book a Boston ghost tour instead.
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