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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Lost your Windows 10 laptop? Here's how to find it

Lost your Windows 10 laptop? Here's how to find it.

ne of the headline features of Android for some time now has been a utility that lets you easily find your lost phone. Whether it's truly lost or god forbid stolen, or simply stuck between the sofa cushions, finding it has never been so easy. By popular demand, Microsoft brought this utility to Windows phone with Windows 10 recently. The number of phones that run Windows 10 are however very few as of the moment, and the ones that are there are not available across the globe, but in select markets. Two of these recently launched phones, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL are expected to launch in India soon. But more on that later.
Windows 10 was designed primarily as a cross platform operating system so that it could work seamlessly across devices: phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. To that effect, Microsoft's first major Windows 10 upgrade (Windows 10 November update) brings in new features, that are both evident and 'out there' as well as also secretly tucked away inside. One of these tucked away features includes enabling the ability to find your lost device: laptops and /or tablets.   
Now, we've known find your phone for some time, but this new welcome addition extends the feature beyond the domain of phones to laptops. Laptops like phones are mobile and therefore carry every chance to get lost or stolen. And now you can find them. Note that your laptop must be running Windows 10 and carrying the latest (November) build to make use of this functionality.
Microsoft's 'Find My Device' utility locates your laptop by its last location. Last known location is the device's location when it was last connected to the Internet.
This means, when enabled your device will periodically send your current location data to Microsoft's servers. "Like Find My Phone, use Find My Device to find your device on a map. This free service on account.microsoft.com/devices periodically gets your device's location so you can see it on a map," according to Microsoft. Microsoft already states it in bold that it will collect your data and use it to help you detect your device should you lose it.
Find My Device is disabled by default. Here's how to enable it:
-- Make sure you've turned on the master location setting on your device and signed in on it using your Microsoft account.
--Sign in as administrator.
-- Navigate to Start, then select Settings > Update and Security > Find My Device > Enable.
Once enabled, your device will start sending your location data periodically to Microsoft and your device's location will be saved in the cloud. Thereon, finding your lost device is simple.
-- Log in to account.microsoft.com/devices. Make sure you log in with the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in on your lost device.
--You will then be prompted to choose the device. Select and click Find My Device.
--You'll see a map with your device's location. Note that this location will pertain to the last location where it was online. In case your laptop has been stolen and set offline, the feature won't be able to make an accurate detection.

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