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Friday, March 23, 2018

The most common bra problems solved

The most common bra problems solved:-
Nothing ruins your day like an ill-fitting bra. The constant adjustments, poking wires, and slipping straps consume your day and eat away at your soul. We've all dealt with a bra from hell that should probably be thrown away, yet we hang on to it for some reason.

Even founder and CEO of Bloom Bras, Elyse Kaye, has struggled with bra problems. "Prior to starting Bloom Bras, I would take a safety pin and secure the straps at the nape of my neck to eliminate pulling down into my shoulders," she told me.

Now, get ready to kiss those bra worries goodbye. I had the chance to chat with some of the most knowledgeable experts about the most common bra problems, as well as what to do to solve them.

You're wearing the wrong size

After talking with the experts, it seems pretty clear that nearly all bra problems come from not knowing your true size. "Most of us do not know our true bra size," says Kaye.

Do yourself a favor and have a proper bra fitting. It's quick and painless, and can save you years of wearing the wrong size. Our bodies change over time, especially if we've had children, or lost weight. Make sure you're wearing the right size, so you can avoid most of the most common problems.

If you've ever felt like your bra cups aren't quite holding everything, you've experienced spillage. If your cups overfloweth, your bra is too small. Feeling like you're spilling out of your bra is a common problem and can distract you all day.

"This issue is particularly common in women with larger busts," DKNY's executive vice president Cathy Volker told Refinery 29. "To prevent cup spillage, consider a full coverage bra — a full cup provides extra support and coverage." Aerie fit expert Jenny Altman agrees that it's all about the cup size. "Keep your band size as is, but move up at least one letter in your cup size (A to B, B to C, and so on)."
Your underwire is digging in:-

Feeling your underwire digging into your skin is one of the most annoying bra problems out there. Even when you feel like you've got it under control, one small twist or turn can send that wire jabbing into your side again. If you frequently notice your underwire bothering you, it may be time to switch up the type of bras you buy.

"Feeling your bra digging into the underside of your bra is a fairly common issue that women face, and this is usually due to a mix of your breast shape and the wiring in your bra," Sam Williamson of Macom Medical told me. "Switching to a different wire bra won't help, as you'll just experience the same kind of pain. The only way to alleviate this pain is to switch to a non-wire bra."

Slipping straps
Is there anything more annoying than constantly having to adjust your bra straps as they slide down your shoulder? I think not. Fortunately, the solution may be as simple as tightening your bra straps.

"If slipping straps persist even after tightening, you may have narrow or sloped shoulders, so bra straps are more prone to falling down your arm," Orit Hashay, CEO of, told me. "Fit experts recommend tightening your straps every other month." Hashay recommends the Glamorise Elegance Front Close Underwire Bra.

If you love the bras you have, it's possible to have the straps adjusted so that it's harder for them to slip down. "Yes, you can buy a racerback or convertible bra, but this limits your choices. Instead, with many bras, it is possible to have your tailor move the straps in the back so they are closer together where they meet the band," image consultant Ginger Burr told me. "Some stores offer this service to make it convenient. Your straps will stay put and not slip off your shoulders ever again."

Smooshed breasts

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